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hello granny!

Not that I NEED another project right now (I have about 50 million in the works....) but I've been wanting to make a new afghan for the living room. I crocheted my first one a few years back (a piece pictured above) that turned out pretty cute, but it matched my bedroom at the time and doesn't really work with anything in my house anymore. I keep it out because I'm pretty proud of it and it's warm. I never really feel like I get time to really relax. There is always something to do. Or some website to check. Or someone to call. I'm not too proud of this, but I can't even just sit and watch TV; I still have to be doing something active. So rather than wasting away playing silly games on my iPad, I thought I could do something productive (and something NOT work related.) And thus came the afghan. The saddest news came last week, when I read a tweet that Sew Crafty was closing! Sew Crafty is one of the neatest and greatest assets to Houston and, specifically, to the Houston crafting community. If you never got a chance to go there, you have really missed out. I went yesterday with Lora, a fellow crafter, and snagged up a bunch of their yarn for 1/2 off! I figured I would give granny squares a chance this time. I finished 2 above and can't decide if I want all of the squares to be random or if I should stick to some sort of pattern. Right now, I'm thinking of just winging it. What's so great about granny squares is that you can finish one in an hour or so and start a new one, rather than starting a whole blanket and getting a few rows done in an hour. It sort of makes the whole process seem like it's going faster. Who knows how long this one will take me, but I'll make sure to post the finished product once it's complete!

handmade nation screening

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of volunteering at the Handmade Nation screening at Lawndale Art Center with the ladies of Etsy Houston. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I had been wanting to see this film since I heard rumors of its creation while still in Milwaukee. The film turned out to be better than expected and was SO inspiring! It wasn't the sort of inspiring film in which I wanted to go home and start creating, but it made me so proud to be a part of this growing handmade movement! Roxy was gracious enough to work with Lawndale and Houston Center for Contemporary Craft so that we could help them out with the evening. We set up a table at the entrance to make Valentine garlands. It was a huge hit! The table was constantly bustling with crafters. St. Arnolds Brewery also donated their Lawnmower beer (the best, in my opinion) and so we also manned the "bar." So many Houstonians showed up for the screening that we had to scrounge for extra seating. I would bet that they anticipated about 100 people to show and I'm sure that there were over 200 people that came! The chairs were are full and people stood around the walls to watch the 90 minute film. That's some handmade lovin'! If there is not a screening in your area, but you are interested in watching it, you can buy the dvd here!
All images are courtesy of Roxy. Above: The ladies of Etsy Houston (clockwise from top left) Andria, Me, Valerie, Sally, Roxy, and Alejandra.


Hello and welcome to the new (and hopefully) improved emilee rose website! My business cards have this web address and I have been going back and forth on whether to create a standard html site or to just move the blog to WordPress, so that my blog is my homepage. In the end, I settled on a brand-spankin' new WordPress site. I know how to create a regular old html site thanks to Dreamweaver but had, and still have, no clue how to create a custom WordPress theme. I've read numerous articles and books about it, but the coding floats over my head. Thankfully, I have a wonderful little brother that is a coding genious. A big thank you goes out to Gibby for getting this done for me! As some of you might remember from this post, getting a new site for emilee rose was on my list of things to do this year. I'm already on my way to cross all of those off my list!
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