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the countdown to renegade

There are only 22 more days until Reneagde Austin and I'm as excited as a kid going to Disney World. Everything is coming together really nicely and I'm not as stressed as I could be (or as some other vendors, I hear!). I still have a decent amount of projects to check off my to do list, but I think there is plenty of time to get it done. Even though I will be in New York at the National Stationery Show the week prior (equally as excited!!!) I know I can do it. This weekend will be CRUNCH time! One thing to check off my list: Make and print cute labels for new boxed thank you notes and recipe cards. I was searching through the list of artists that will be showing this year in Austin and I was so surprised to see how many people are from outside of Texas! There are artists from Chicago, North Carolina, California, Oregon and the list goes on. There are also a handful of folk from good ol' Tejas and there are even some other members of Etsy Houston that will be attending. If you attend Reneagade Austin this year, make sure to check out these lovely ladies of Houston: b. bags. grr feisty reigruchestudio

goodbye, mr. typewriter

Vintage Underwood Typewriter from The Two Sparrows My twitter feed has been a buzzin' about the last factory producing typewriters, Godrej and Boyce, is closing. I do not personally use a typewriter, but I admire them for many reasons. From a purely visual standpoint, they look cool and produce a really great printing style. And could you imagine what life would have been like without the invention of the typewriter? For years, designers have been "fudging" the typewriter look on the computer. You definitely won't get the same results, but these are a few of my favorite typewriter-esque typefaces. Splendid 66 is by far my favorite typewriter-styled font. It is already perfectly spaces out and is destressed just enough to look authentic. Oh, and it's completely FREE, so what's not to love? American Typewriter is a fun option with a more playful look. It even looks great really large. Some typewriter fonts get all funky when blown up so that they look "stamped" when they are small. Traveling Typewriter is another great option. The variations between letters really make it look stamped! It's another great, free font.

pintrest lovin’

Have you been pinning lately? I've recently joined the pinning movement and LOVE it! I stumble upon so many great ideas, images, recipes and inspiration that I hate the fact that I can't remember it once the window is closed. Thank goodness for Pintrest. My favorite things to pin: design, typography, illustration and recipes! Here are some of my favorite things: Love this illustration by Laura Amiss. The houses are adorable and the colors make it so happy and cheerful. (Found via Hooray) I'm always searching for a fabulous ampersand in my designs. This style is not particularly my absolute fave, but I do love any ol' ampersand and I love the blind deboss even more! This perfect little print is by Bespoke Press. Follow all of my pins here!

a reminder to breathe

Confession: I am an extremely anxious person and find myself in a constant state of stress. Granted, most of this stress is brought on by myself and I really am trying to learn how to just be. It's been a while since I've been to a yoga class and the mantra of "just breathe" is becoming less and less familiar. I don't have any in my house, yet, but I love the idea of having affirmations as art all throughout the house. Just when life seems to be too much to handle, you look up and read something beautiful. I think I need this in my life... Here are a few pieces of "affirmation art" that I stumbled upon on etsy. 1. Inhale, Exhale, Repeat by Hop Skip Jump. 2. Keep Calm by Oh Dier. 3. Be Filled with Joy by The Wheatfield. 4. Just Breathe by The Waterloo Prints. 5. It's Going to be a Great Day by Megan Rene. All images from artist's shops.

a busy bee

There is now less than two months until Renegade in Austin! That means, it's getting to crunch time (for me--I hate waiting until the last minute!) I'm trying to get all of my mini paintings done as they seem to be the most time consuming. It's really difficult to know how many to make and how many of each illustration. I have a feeling that the Texas plaques could do really well, so I'm making a few extra of them. While I feel as though I could paint over 50 of these and still wonder if I have enough, I'm only going to do about 30 or so. I really have NO idea what to expect at this show, but it would be totally awesome to put all of these little paintings in someone's home. I'm probably not going to list all of these in the shop, but I will make sure to share photos of the finished product!
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