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New Vendor Spotlight: The Merci

I met Briana at Renegade Austin this past May and she told me about a new online shop that she was starting called The Merci. It is a site that caters just to saying "thanks!". So rather than filtering through hundreds of products on other sites or even in brick and mortar stores, Briana has carefully curated items that would be perfect for showing your gratitude.

Along with gorgeous hand towels from Leah Duncan and scrumptious soaps from The Soap Addict, The Merci carries emilee rose recipe cards. A handmade dish or basket of baked goods is in good company with a set of recipe cards, especially with one card filled in with the recipe.

Make sure to stop by The Merci and check out all of the fun new goodies!    

New Valentine’s Day Cards in the Shop!

Valentine's Day is about a month away, so now is the perfect time to get your cards to give to your spouse, significant other, bestie, dog or whomever! As always, I have a few single greeting cards. I always have more in stock, but just list one at a time. So, if you would like a few of one design, just let me know! Visit the shop here.

I also have a few sets of mini cards, perfect for your kiddos to give to friends at school!

Adios 2011. Hay 2012.

2011 FLEW by. Far too many exciting things happened to mention, but I figured I could pick out a few.

First and foremost, I picked up my bags and moved to Austin. Lost any idea of holding onto a "career." (This is good things, in my opinion.) Gave myself the freedom to just be. To just have fun. To breath. To live. And have been having a blast doing so.

Emilee Rose, sadly, took a bit of a hit with the move and this new exciting, carefree lifestyle. Though, I believe that 2012 is going to be very exciting. Last year, I focused on redesigning my line of cards to a collection that fit my current aesthetic and interests. I am SUPER excited about these designs and love the direction that this has taken. I hope to start adding them to the shop soon for browsing and buying.

I participated in a few really fun shows. WHAM was a huge success this year! I am so grateful for Spacetaker and all that they do to support artists in Houston (and now in Austin!). The pop-up show at West Elm was really fun. I loved getting to use their products for props and displays. Might even consider picking up a few items for future shows...

As for 2012...I am going to be a busy bee! After posting new items to the shop and updating some item photos, I am going to be focusing on wholesale and getting Emilee Rose in shops and all over! Plans are already a-brewin'. I am also illustrating a children's book. Say what? It's true. I am still in the revision stages with the authors, but I seriously can't wait to share the illustrations and the story once it's published. Wedding season is just around the corner and I hope to work with a few brides this year with their wedding stationery. I also received a promotion at work last week. (Woo hoo!) Unfortunately, the promotion at Apple meant that I had to leave Paper Source, but it is going to be a great transition and it will be such a relief to my sanity to only have to work one job. With all of that said, I am incredibly excited and hopeful for all that this year has to bring to me.  
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