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Big Shop Update!

I'm super excited to share all of the new emilee rose cards! The etsy shop is now fully stocked with new designs.

There is also now a listing to buy 4 cards and get the 5th card free! It's perfect when you need to stock up on your greeting cards.

It's been a little busy around here, but I am working on more designs for the custom shop as well as completing the full emilee rose line. The rest of the line will include thank you notes (single and boxed,) decorative stationery and blank notes, recipe cards and a re-packaging of the dolls. I'm. So. Excited.


If you already follow my on instagram, you probably know that I post quite frequently. But, I know that there are a few of y'all that don't and so I thought it might be fun to start sharing here, too.

This weekend was jam packed with errands and adventures and WORK.

Starting top left and going down the list... 1. I treated myself to a breakfast taco at Julios, an adorable little Mexican restaurant that is across the street from my apartment. It's too good and a little too convenient.

2. Renegade Austin was in town and so I did a little shopping! I was super bummed that I didn't get to participate this go-round, but I'm hoping to be back for the winter show. I picked up some goodies, including a new necklace from Coatt. I don't wear "real jewelry," (READ: I wear cheap, big earrings from Forever 21) but I am obsessed with Rebecca's work.

3. Drove out to Round Rock to pick up some frames and new tray for a new DIY project from IKEA—aka, Swedemart. (Thank you for that name, Rachel.)

4. Saturday night was a full on girly night with my bestie, Liz. We ordered pizza, picked up a mini cake and crashed on the couch to watch Dazed and Confused. I've always really liked this movie, but I like it even more after living in Austin. And Matthew McConaughey...what a babe.

5. I worked a little more on the children's book that I am illustrating.

6. My bathroom makeover is almost complete! Walls are painted, new shower curtain is hung and now my little vignette is complete. I hung some postcards from Quill and Fox that I got a while back and added a tiny little terrarium from Simply Planted that I bought at Renegade. I love that little guy, but he's probably going to have to leave that nook to find some sun. If I can figure out how to take photos that are not completely pink, I'll share more pictures later.

A million and ten other, not fun things happened, like cleaning and watching way too much Hulu, but I do realize that everything is not Instaworthy.

If you're not following me yet, feel free to find me @emileerosedesigns!

new colors, too!

In addition to a couple of new designs, I have added lots of new color options in the custom shop to personalize your stationery.

As always, if you see a color missing or want to use a specific PMS color, just let me know!

new baby announcements designs

It's official, the shops are back open!

I'm really excited about this and to be able to get back into everything. I was feeling a little overwhelmed with, well, life to be completely honest, and just needed a little break. I've also been working on illustration a children's book, which has used up quite a bit more time than I had anticipated. That project is almost complete and I'll definitely be sharing it as soon as I can.

In the mean time, I'll be adding product to the emilee rose shop slowly but surely.

And I'm working on filling up my custom shop with lots of new items. Eventually, the custom shop will be full of baby announcements, calling cards, party invitations, save the dates and eventually a wedding line. What I am most excited about is coming up with a full line of stationery that is very clean, simple, modern and totally awesome, of course!

I will keep posting designs as they come, but wanted to share a couple of new ones. Enjoy!

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