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Open Figure Drawing Sessions

(NOTE: This post contains a little nakedness.)

I started going to figure drawing sessions when I was a junior in high school. It's just what you did to build your portfolio to get into a good art school. I did it out of what I thought was necessity (and still agree with that thought) and I did it because I thought it was really fun.

Basically... I. Love. Drawing.

I no longer had to go to extra figure drawing sessions because it was included in my required classes once I went off to college. But after those first two semesters, I stopped. I also stopped drawing for a long time, but that's a whole other story.

Recently, I've realized how much I need to get back to basics. Meaning just drawing what I see. I believe that drawing is a basic fundamental in any art form, and like a muscle it should be exercised.

A friend from high school (and super amazing wedding photographer, Elissa) mentioned that there is an open figure drawing studio here in Austin that is SUPER affordable. ($5 for each class + a tip for the model.) I can totally swing that!

And so we started going.

It's been so much fun and I wanted to share a few of my favorites from the past two sessions.

New Holiday Designs

So, it's been a while, huh? Things have been a little crazy as of my last post. For starters, I spent about a month and a half moving from one apartment to another and finally to another. I left one job, went back to my old job, and then just two weeks ago started a new job. Way. Too. Much. Transition.

BUT, I'm back.

And it's about that time of year to start working on your holiday cards! I've added a few designs into my custom shop that you can personalize with your own photograph and print and home or send to a local printer. Or if you want to save some costs, you could even just send the file out as an e-card! (It could be the future!)

custom holiday photo card

I'm also introducing custom printed return address labels. These will pair perfectly with my holiday designs or be a fun addition to any envelope.

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