A few weeks ago...or what could now be a couple of months ago...my coworker and I made a day trip to the Houston Zoo. We were given free tickets from a customer last year, but wanted to wait until the African Safari was complete. The day was beautiful! Sunny and not too hot. Thank goodness we didn't wait to go until now! It's a sauna in Houston! And there were baby animals everywhere! The fence blocked some good pictures, but how adorable is that little monkey? The African Forest was much like going to Disney World. It had its own gift shop, different music and an entirely different feel than the rest of the zoo. Apparently you can feed the giraffes, but you had to pay and wait in line...so we passed. It was a fun day for all and I would highly recommend a trip here if you are in town visiting. The grounds have been redone since I was last there as a child and it is simply gorgeous!

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