2011 FLEW by. Far too many exciting things happened to mention, but I figured I could pick out a few.

First and foremost, I picked up my bags and moved to Austin. Lost any idea of holding onto a "career." (This is good things, in my opinion.) Gave myself the freedom to just be. To just have fun. To breath. To live. And have been having a blast doing so.

Emilee Rose, sadly, took a bit of a hit with the move and this new exciting, carefree lifestyle. Though, I believe that 2012 is going to be very exciting. Last year, I focused on redesigning my line of cards to a collection that fit my current aesthetic and interests. I am SUPER excited about these designs and love the direction that this has taken. I hope to start adding them to the shop soon for browsing and buying.

I participated in a few really fun shows. WHAM was a huge success this year! I am so grateful for Spacetaker and all that they do to support artists in Houston (and now in Austin!). The pop-up show at West Elm was really fun. I loved getting to use their products for props and displays. Might even consider picking up a few items for future shows...

As for 2012...I am going to be a busy bee! After posting new items to the shop and updating some item photos, I am going to be focusing on wholesale and getting Emilee Rose in shops and all over! Plans are already a-brewin'. I am also illustrating a children's book. Say what? It's true. I am still in the revision stages with the authors, but I seriously can't wait to share the illustrations and the story once it's published. Wedding season is just around the corner and I hope to work with a few brides this year with their wedding stationery. I also received a promotion at work last week. (Woo hoo!) Unfortunately, the promotion at Apple meant that I had to leave Paper Source, but it is going to be a great transition and it will be such a relief to my sanity to only have to work one job. With all of that said, I am incredibly excited and hopeful for all that this year has to bring to me.  

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