mini paintings in the shop!

I have finally added a few mini paintings in the shop and will try to add more later this week (how is it already so late?!) I'm super excited about these paintings and I'm super excited about painting again. For those of you that might not know, I've been painting for years. I started getting really into it in middle school, where I took 2 art classes (not something that everyone gets to do.) And then I went to a specialized high school and majored (yeah, we had "majors" in high school) in visual art, where most of my pieces were paintings. Once I went to college, I started focusing all of my energy on architecture and really stopped making art. So these paintings are FUN! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. And maybe next time, I can figure out a way to photograph them without the help of Tilly!

a weekend in wisconsin

Last weekend I was lucky enough to take a little vacay in the beautiful Milwaukee! Perhaps the middle of February was not the best time to go visit, but I was getting to the point that I really NEEDED to see my friends and really needed to get away. I am so glad that I did, even if it made me even more homesick for my Milwaukee life style. These two ladies are my besties. I seriously love them so much and wish that I could see them more often. They were my favorite part of my trip. I do love the city and all of the great things it has to offer, but if I didn't get to do it with one of these gals, it just wouldn't be the same. After putting on about a million layers and yelling "I can't put my arms down!", we trekked to the park for some exercise for this pup. Running and jumping through untouched snow is pretty darn fun. The last day that I was there was GORGEOUS! It warmed up quite a bit, but the city was still pretty and white. I thought I was ready to go home by the last day. I missed my house and my bed and my kitty, of course. But after I got to go home and hug the little one, I was ready to go back. It's a strange thing to have two places that now feel like "home." At least I get to go visit every once and a while and catch up with friends and see my favorite city.

st. arnolds: a houston gem

After living in Milwaukee for a few years, I grew to love local microbrews, specifically New Glarus beers. Back in Texas, my go-to beer would always be a Shiner. Good. Texas. Beer. And while I might be the last to jump on the bandwagon, I have a new place in my heart for St. Arnold Brewery, brewed just north of Downtown,  conveniently 5 minutes from my house. What's better than locally brewed beer? A brewery that offers you 4 (decent sized) tastings for $7.00 every Saturday. The beer hall is always packed by 11:20, so this time I knew to get there early to stake out a spot to sit. A few friends and I met up to enjoy a beer and company. Eva graciously brought some game, but none of us had the energy or know how to actually play the game. Thank goodness someone else had a deck of cards. And we might have brought a little bit too much food for 7 people... The longer I live here, the more I discover in Houston. It's really not that that bad! We may not have numerous breweries, but we definitely have one really good one to keep us going.

hello granny: an update.

Trying to crochet a new afghan is somewhat difficult with a playful kitty around. Every time she sees the yarn dangling from my hand, she thinks that it's playtime. But when she is not playing, she does find comfort sleeping on the squares. I am shocked by the progress that I have made on this project! My last afghan took me about a year to complete, if I remember correctly. My only goal is to complete this one by next winter, but it looks like that shouldn't be a problem. My mother asked if I was making one for her, too. So, at this rate, perhaps I can. At first, I was just going to wing it with the pattern. After about 5 squares, I realized that I couldn't keep mindlessly crocheting and that I needed a plan. Thank heavens for Illustrator! I played around with a few options and settled with the pattern below. Each square is about 12" x 12", so the finished blanket will be around 6' x 8'. Sounds good to me. I really like how it's turning out, though I did not know exactly how much yarn this would take! I'm already on to my second ball of light blue and just ran out of the gray. Thanks so a Michael's coupon, I stocked up on what should finish the project. And now, back to crocheting!

coming soon: original paintings

I've been working on some new product for the shop, and decided that I could start selling original paintings. I thought that some of my illustrations would be great at wall art. Each painting is about 6" x 3" and is painted in acrylic on a wood block.These paintings are technically done, but I want to finish the backs and add hardware for hanging before I list them on etsy. I'm also wondering if I should send as-is or if I should put a couple of layers of polyurathan on them to protect them. Thoughts? Suggestions for other paintings are always welcome!

ice day 2011

Last Friday, the City of Houston shut down. Like, completely shut down. There was only 1 day in my five-ish years in Wisconsin that something that that happened, though it seemed to be with a little more reason (like lots of snow?). But no, the 4th largest city in the United States shut down BEFORE anything had even happened. It all started last Thursday, when the meterologists told us to go home early because of a winter storm that was going to bring in 1" to 3" of snow and lots of ice. I did not go home early that day, but I did enjoy the light traffic on the way home. That night, the news announced that schools would be closed the following day and the mayor made a statement that the city would be closed. (Funny, I still got my mail, so not ALL government employees got the day off.) I actually woke up in the middle of the night to check for the snow out of my window. Nothing. Then in the morning I thought to myself, "there HAS to be snow now!" Nothing. But then I turned on the TV to the news to learn that most of the streets in Houston were covered in ice. People were getting stranded on overpasses and bridges. Knowing that I would have to cross at least 2 bridges to get to work, I knew that would not be possible. I did venture out eventually and really couldn't see much evidence of a huge freeze. Luckily, Erin, was kind enough to post some photos from that day.
More of Erin's photos from the day can be seen here.
It may not look like much and it really didn't seem like that much, but it was dangerous. People in Houston have NO idea what to do with wintery weather. We can handle hurricanes, but not icy conditions. So I listened to the weather people and stayed home (almost) all day. It was nice to have a 3 day weekend and the chilliness was a nice peview for my following weekend in Wisconsin!

hello granny!

Not that I NEED another project right now (I have about 50 million in the works....) but I've been wanting to make a new afghan for the living room. I crocheted my first one a few years back (a piece pictured above) that turned out pretty cute, but it matched my bedroom at the time and doesn't really work with anything in my house anymore. I keep it out because I'm pretty proud of it and it's warm. I never really feel like I get time to really relax. There is always something to do. Or some website to check. Or someone to call. I'm not too proud of this, but I can't even just sit and watch TV; I still have to be doing something active. So rather than wasting away playing silly games on my iPad, I thought I could do something productive (and something NOT work related.) And thus came the afghan. The saddest news came last week, when I read a tweet that Sew Crafty was closing! Sew Crafty is one of the neatest and greatest assets to Houston and, specifically, to the Houston crafting community. If you never got a chance to go there, you have really missed out. I went yesterday with Lora, a fellow crafter, and snagged up a bunch of their yarn for 1/2 off! I figured I would give granny squares a chance this time. I finished 2 above and can't decide if I want all of the squares to be random or if I should stick to some sort of pattern. Right now, I'm thinking of just winging it. What's so great about granny squares is that you can finish one in an hour or so and start a new one, rather than starting a whole blanket and getting a few rows done in an hour. It sort of makes the whole process seem like it's going faster. Who knows how long this one will take me, but I'll make sure to post the finished product once it's complete!

handmade nation screening

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of volunteering at the Handmade Nation screening at Lawndale Art Center with the ladies of Etsy Houston. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I had been wanting to see this film since I heard rumors of its creation while still in Milwaukee. The film turned out to be better than expected and was SO inspiring! It wasn't the sort of inspiring film in which I wanted to go home and start creating, but it made me so proud to be a part of this growing handmade movement! Roxy was gracious enough to work with Lawndale and Houston Center for Contemporary Craft so that we could help them out with the evening. We set up a table at the entrance to make Valentine garlands. It was a huge hit! The table was constantly bustling with crafters. St. Arnolds Brewery also donated their Lawnmower beer (the best, in my opinion) and so we also manned the "bar." So many Houstonians showed up for the screening that we had to scrounge for extra seating. I would bet that they anticipated about 100 people to show and I'm sure that there were over 200 people that came! The chairs were are full and people stood around the walls to watch the 90 minute film. That's some handmade lovin'! If there is not a screening in your area, but you are interested in watching it, you can buy the dvd here!
All images are courtesy of Roxy. Above: The ladies of Etsy Houston (clockwise from top left) Andria, Me, Valerie, Sally, Roxy, and Alejandra.


Hello and welcome to the new (and hopefully) improved emilee rose website! My business cards have this web address and I have been going back and forth on whether to create a standard html site or to just move the blog to WordPress, so that my blog is my homepage. In the end, I settled on a brand-spankin' new WordPress site. I know how to create a regular old html site thanks to Dreamweaver but had, and still have, no clue how to create a custom WordPress theme. I've read numerous articles and books about it, but the coding floats over my head. Thankfully, I have a wonderful little brother that is a coding genious. A big thank you goes out to Gibby for getting this done for me! As some of you might remember from this post, getting a new site for emilee rose was on my list of things to do this year. I'm already on my way to cross all of those off my list!
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