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hello granny: second to last update

I promise this will be the last update. After this, I will only post the final afghan. I'm still sort of in shock at how far I've come and in such short amount of time. From what I can remember, my last afghan took about a year to complete. Two months in and I'm half way there! There is still one more row that will go all the way around this. I ran out of yarn very quickly and had to find some other brands that would have to do. In the store they all seemed to work. It wasn't until I started putting all of the squares together that I realized that the gray yarn was MUCH darker than the original one! Can you tell? I don't think it's that big of a deal...but more of an "oops" moment. It folds up nice and fluffy. I can't wait to snuggle up with my finished blanket!

hello granny: an update.

Trying to crochet a new afghan is somewhat difficult with a playful kitty around. Every time she sees the yarn dangling from my hand, she thinks that it's playtime. But when she is not playing, she does find comfort sleeping on the squares. I am shocked by the progress that I have made on this project! My last afghan took me about a year to complete, if I remember correctly. My only goal is to complete this one by next winter, but it looks like that shouldn't be a problem. My mother asked if I was making one for her, too. So, at this rate, perhaps I can. At first, I was just going to wing it with the pattern. After about 5 squares, I realized that I couldn't keep mindlessly crocheting and that I needed a plan. Thank heavens for Illustrator! I played around with a few options and settled with the pattern below. Each square is about 12" x 12", so the finished blanket will be around 6' x 8'. Sounds good to me. I really like how it's turning out, though I did not know exactly how much yarn this would take! I'm already on to my second ball of light blue and just ran out of the gray. Thanks so a Michael's coupon, I stocked up on what should finish the project. And now, back to crocheting!

hello granny!

Not that I NEED another project right now (I have about 50 million in the works....) but I've been wanting to make a new afghan for the living room. I crocheted my first one a few years back (a piece pictured above) that turned out pretty cute, but it matched my bedroom at the time and doesn't really work with anything in my house anymore. I keep it out because I'm pretty proud of it and it's warm. I never really feel like I get time to really relax. There is always something to do. Or some website to check. Or someone to call. I'm not too proud of this, but I can't even just sit and watch TV; I still have to be doing something active. So rather than wasting away playing silly games on my iPad, I thought I could do something productive (and something NOT work related.) And thus came the afghan. The saddest news came last week, when I read a tweet that Sew Crafty was closing! Sew Crafty is one of the neatest and greatest assets to Houston and, specifically, to the Houston crafting community. If you never got a chance to go there, you have really missed out. I went yesterday with Lora, a fellow crafter, and snagged up a bunch of their yarn for 1/2 off! I figured I would give granny squares a chance this time. I finished 2 above and can't decide if I want all of the squares to be random or if I should stick to some sort of pattern. Right now, I'm thinking of just winging it. What's so great about granny squares is that you can finish one in an hour or so and start a new one, rather than starting a whole blanket and getting a few rows done in an hour. It sort of makes the whole process seem like it's going faster. Who knows how long this one will take me, but I'll make sure to post the finished product once it's complete!
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