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DIY: Gold Chevron Tray

I saw this gold leaf tray on Design*Sponge a while back and thought that it would work perfectly in my bathroom. I thought I could splurge a little bit, but once I saw how much it actually cost ($98! Eek!), a splurge was not really an option.

So, like with most things, I thought I can make something like that!

I thought rather than doing the exact thing, I'd paint a chevron pattern to work with my shower curtain. I also opted for gold paint, rather than foil to save on cost.

The project ended up costing about $8! Not to shabby, eh? Here's what you need to make your own gold, chevron accessory tray.
  • A tray: I got this Barbar tray at IKEA. There are also wooden trays at craft stores, but they typically have handles, and I wanted something a little more sleek.
  • Paint: Any colors will work, however, I used white and Martha Stewart's Gold Metallic Acrylic paint. Martha knows her metallics...
  • Painter's Tape: I used a 1.5" wide tape, because that was what I already had on hand, but I think 1" tape would have been fun to make more chevrons!
  • Paint Brush: This clearly needs no explanation.
  • Water Based Polyurethane (optional): I didn't actually get to coating this tray in poly, but I'd still like to. Water based polyurethane is super nice because it's completely clear (unlike an oil based one that tends to be a bit yellow) and because it's super easy to clean up! It's also seal it nicely so that the paint doesn't start to peel or bubble with the humidity of the bathroom.

Once you have the supplies, you're all set to get to work!
  • The first thing that you'll want to do it paint your base color. Because the tray was so dark, I ended up putting 3 coats of white paint to get good coverage. Make sure that your paint dried thoroughly before moving on to the next step.
  • I then cut strips of painter's tape into 3" strips. I lined the tape up on the corners to give it that zig zag pattern. You can eyeball the spacing of your tape guides, or you can add a row right next to the previous one and then peel it off to paint.
  • Once your tray is prepped, you can paint the accent color. Depending on the paint, you might need to do a couple of coats here, too.
  • Then peel off the tape and you have your tray!
  • If you feel like you need it, once the accent color paint is dry you can add a couple of coats of polyurethane to seal your tray.
And that's it! I think it's a nice little accent piece to store a candle, perfume and some fun polishes.

Upholstered Headboard DIY

Remember this post about how I wanted to make an upholstered headboard? Well, I finally did it and I took some pictures along the way to share with you how easy the whole process was. Just to give you an idea, I made the buttons in about 30 minutes one evening and the rest of the work was done in about 2 and a half hours (not including shopping time and choosing a fabric and headboard shape! That took much longer.) The images below can be used as a reference, but I would recommend checking out this tutorial by Centsational Girl. She does a fabulous job explaining and illustrating the whole process. I just wanted to share my story. First, I want to share the cost of the whole project. In the end I ended up spending a bit more than I wanted, but still MUCH less than if I had gone out and purchased a ready-made headboard. The prices below are not the actual costs, but pretty darn close from what I can remember. Button Kit: $12.00 Fabric: $16.00 (1 yard of upholstery fabric from Glick Discount Warehouse) Wood: FREE (I used my Home Depot gift card that I received when I cashed in my credit card reward points. BUT if you have to buy some, I used the 1/4" plywood so that it would be much lighter to hang. This is about $20.00) Foam: $16.00 (2.5 yards of 1" foam. Most tutorials will recommend 2" thick foam, but 1" was much cheaper. I also had a 50% off coupon, so the actual cost was $32.00) Batting: $8.00 (on sale for 40% off!) Hardware: FREE (Also was able to use my Home Depot gift card, but only a few bucks if you need to pick this up.) Other materials used that I had on hand: scissors, thread, saber saw, spray adhesive, staple gun and staples. Total: $52.00! I started by marking out my shape on the wood. And then I cut it using my dad's saber saw. (Thanks, Dad!) And then drilled the tiniest little holes in the wood for the buttons. The foam was attached with spray adhesive. I then layered the batting and fabric on the foam. I needed a clear, open surface to work and this meant the floor. Puppies LOVE helping with DIY projects. Figuring out how to string the buttons on was quite a challenge. I ended up threading the needle, putting it through the wood and foam backwards, putting on the button, re-threading the needle and pulling the needle back through. Keeping in mind that the needle NEVER fully came through the wood or foam. I tried threading it normally and couldn't get the needle back through the wood to save my life! Once the buttons were in place, I stapled the fabric by stretching it around the wood and screwed in the hardware. And this is the finished product! Stay tuned for more house pictures soon...

headboard: a new DIY project

Remember this bed? Well, it's going into storage for a very long time and will not be coming with me to Austin. This is a very bittersweet goodbye as I adore this bed in its girlyness and its sentimental value. But the truth is, it's an OLD bed. The hinges are getting too loose to fix anymore and I don't want to completely break it. And so, on to a new chapter. I have a very basic platform bed that I will be using but need a great headboard. I found this image and tutorial on Design*Sponge a while back and thought it seemed like such a fun and easy idea. I have upholstered a headboard before and so this one shouldn't be any different. The question is, what shape to make! I have a nice soft blue fabric picked out. I thought a pattern would be really fun, but I might get tired of it or it might end up making my room look more juvenile (though, Grace's fabric is anything but juvenile...) Option one would be to do an elaborate shape like this one from West Elm. Its a very similar shape to Grace's, but a little more toned down with the solid color. So far, I think this headboard from Crate and Barrel is my favorite. It's simple and still slightly feminine. I am planning on making buttons and tufting the headboard so, I think this will look the best for the ambiance that I'm trying to achieve in my new room. Another, and simpler option would be to just make a rectangular headboard like this one. Could be an option if I get lazy... I am going to forgo the foam and just use batting to cut down the cost. Since I don't know what my job sitch with be yet, I'm trying to do everything on the cheap. I'll make sure to post a tutorial with cost breakdowns once the project is complete.
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