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New Art Prints in the Shop

Confetti - Enjoy the Little Things | The shop has just been updated with some new goodies to decorate your walls! Word art is really popular right now and rightfully so. Sometimes we just need little reminders sprinkled through out our day to help us remember these thoughts when they may seem pretty far out of mind. One of my favorites is the "Don't Be So Hard on Yourself" print. I find that it really speaks to me on so many levels. Whether it is with this shop,  cooking, relationships or just an everyday activity, I love having that reminder near by. It just helps me remember to not sweat the small stuff and everything has a way of working itself out in the end. And beating myself up for it? Well, that won't accomplish anything positive! These adorable prints are now stocked and ready to ship. Check them out here! Plus Sign You Look Lovely Art Print  | Triangle Don't Be So Hard on Yourself Art Print  | Tassel Treat Yourself Art Print  |

Thanksgiving SALE!

It's that time of year again! When all of the big box stores drastically reduce prices and shoppers across America go nuts over obscenely reduced prices (myself included.)

I'm not a fan of ditching big box stores on Black Friday. In fact, I plan to grab a few deals if I can. But I also plan to support small businesses this year. And buy more handmade. (I actually started my Christmas shopping last week at WHAM!)

So, in celebration of the season of sales, I'm offering 30% off your total order in both of my etsy shops! Shop stationery and paper dolls here and shop custom cards here!

9 Days until WHAM!

It's my favorite time of year, for a number of reasons, but I've come to love a certain long weekend more than others. Why? Because it's WHAM! (That's the Winter Holiday Art Market, if you are not familiar with it.) WHAM is the most fun show that I show and every year it gets better and better. The artists and designers there are so talented and so much fun to hang out with for a weekend.

With 9 days left, I'm going a little nutzo, but it's not too terrible this year! Just some last minute printing and packaging. Oh and a weekend of DIY to decorate my booth. I have some fun ideas this year.

The emilee rose 2013 calendar will soon be here and I hope to have some preview pics on my instagram soon! In the mean time, I have a couple of new stationery designs to share. Just two new greeting cards and (FINALLY) a set of blank note cards!

If you are in Houston next weekend (November 16th through the 18th) please stop by!

New Holiday Designs

So, it's been a while, huh? Things have been a little crazy as of my last post. For starters, I spent about a month and a half moving from one apartment to another and finally to another. I left one job, went back to my old job, and then just two weeks ago started a new job. Way. Too. Much. Transition.

BUT, I'm back.

And it's about that time of year to start working on your holiday cards! I've added a few designs into my custom shop that you can personalize with your own photograph and print and home or send to a local printer. Or if you want to save some costs, you could even just send the file out as an e-card! (It could be the future!)

custom holiday photo card

I'm also introducing custom printed return address labels. These will pair perfectly with my holiday designs or be a fun addition to any envelope.

Big Shop Update!

I'm super excited to share all of the new emilee rose cards! The etsy shop is now fully stocked with new designs.

There is also now a listing to buy 4 cards and get the 5th card free! It's perfect when you need to stock up on your greeting cards.

It's been a little busy around here, but I am working on more designs for the custom shop as well as completing the full emilee rose line. The rest of the line will include thank you notes (single and boxed,) decorative stationery and blank notes, recipe cards and a re-packaging of the dolls. I'm. So. Excited.

New Valentine’s Day Cards in the Shop!

Valentine's Day is about a month away, so now is the perfect time to get your cards to give to your spouse, significant other, bestie, dog or whomever! As always, I have a few single greeting cards. I always have more in stock, but just list one at a time. So, if you would like a few of one design, just let me know! Visit the shop here.

I also have a few sets of mini cards, perfect for your kiddos to give to friends at school!

New Mini Paintings in the Shop

Finally, I have edited my images and have put a few new original paintings in the shop. I still have a few more to add and will continue to add a few every day this week. In case you are not familiar with my mini paintings, these are all originals painted in acrylic on small wooden plaques. The Texas paintings can also be personalized with a little heart over the city of your choosing. Be sure to check out the rest here!


All of my gouache illustrated greeting cards are now on sale for half off until they are gone! I know, it is a sad day but it is time. I am currently working on a new line of greeting cards that will replace this current line. Remember my father's day and graduation cards? My new collection will be more in sync with those designs. A little simpler. A little more graphic. And with only hand lettering. I'm really excited about the new designs and can't wait to be able to share them. In the mean time, feel free to replenish your greeting card stock pile with all of these great cards!
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