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I’m Back! And Offering Custom Designs!

I successfully made the move to Austin, Texas and am loving it! Hopefully, I'll be able to tell you all about it later this week. It took a while to unpack, get settled and able to get out of "vacation mode" and get back into "working mode." I have a long list of plans for emilee rose, including now offering custom design services! A new page has been added detailing the two types of services that I will be offering. I encourage you to check it out, but here is a quick little run down. I started a new etsy shop with ready-made designs. You can "order" a design for a calling card, announcement or stationery and have the digital file emailed to you to print and use over and over again. Right now, the shop has a few options, but my head is going nutzo thinking of new designs. I'm hoping to add save the dates, birth announcements and other fun party invitations. .... Besides the ready-made designs, I am now completely open for custom design. Anything you need designed, I am happy to help! A few examples of my work can be seen on the Custom page. Before I moved to Austin, I finished up my portfolio site, which has a whole bunch of other examples of my work. Feel free to contact me about custom work! I am really excited to be able to build emilee rose a little more. I'll be working hard on adding new designs to the custom shop, so check back often for updates.  

custom pet portraits

A few months ago, my friend Heather commissioned me to paint a pet portrait of this adorable pup for a birthday gift. I had just started my other original paintings and agreed to paint the portrait of the pooch. I love the way the painting turned out. So much so that I have decided to offer custom pet portraits in my shop! It's painted in acrylic on a 5" x 7" wooden plaque and takes about 2 weeks for me to ship it to you. (Though if you need one in a jiffy, I'm sure I can work with you on that.) If only I could meet this adorable little gal in person!

A Big Ol’ Shop Update

It's about time, right? I was busy creating a bunch of new products for Renegade and I finally have some free time to put them all for sale! I'm really excited about my new work, mainly because I am veering away from using computer typography and solely using hand lettering. The new work is also digitally colored rather than painted with gouache. I found that my gouache paintings, though I love them, always turned out duller in color than I wanted. This way, my colors can be as bright as I want them to be. A couple new products.... Father's Day Cards Recipe Cards Flat Boxed Thank You's That is it for now. Be sure to stop by the shop to see all of the new goodies. I have all of the mini paintings photographed and will be spending the next week or so editing and posting those as well. Stay tuned!

a reminder to breathe

Confession: I am an extremely anxious person and find myself in a constant state of stress. Granted, most of this stress is brought on by myself and I really am trying to learn how to just be. It's been a while since I've been to a yoga class and the mantra of "just breathe" is becoming less and less familiar. I don't have any in my house, yet, but I love the idea of having affirmations as art all throughout the house. Just when life seems to be too much to handle, you look up and read something beautiful. I think I need this in my life... Here are a few pieces of "affirmation art" that I stumbled upon on etsy. 1. Inhale, Exhale, Repeat by Hop Skip Jump. 2. Keep Calm by Oh Dier. 3. Be Filled with Joy by The Wheatfield. 4. Just Breathe by The Waterloo Prints. 5. It's Going to be a Great Day by Megan Rene. All images from artist's shops.

a busy bee

There is now less than two months until Renegade in Austin! That means, it's getting to crunch time (for me--I hate waiting until the last minute!) I'm trying to get all of my mini paintings done as they seem to be the most time consuming. It's really difficult to know how many to make and how many of each illustration. I have a feeling that the Texas plaques could do really well, so I'm making a few extra of them. While I feel as though I could paint over 50 of these and still wonder if I have enough, I'm only going to do about 30 or so. I really have NO idea what to expect at this show, but it would be totally awesome to put all of these little paintings in someone's home. I'm probably not going to list all of these in the shop, but I will make sure to share photos of the finished product!

mini paintings in the shop!

I have finally added a few mini paintings in the shop and will try to add more later this week (how is it already so late?!) I'm super excited about these paintings and I'm super excited about painting again. For those of you that might not know, I've been painting for years. I started getting really into it in middle school, where I took 2 art classes (not something that everyone gets to do.) And then I went to a specialized high school and majored (yeah, we had "majors" in high school) in visual art, where most of my pieces were paintings. Once I went to college, I started focusing all of my energy on architecture and really stopped making art. So these paintings are FUN! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. And maybe next time, I can figure out a way to photograph them without the help of Tilly!
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