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New Art Prints in the Shop

Confetti - Enjoy the Little Things | The shop has just been updated with some new goodies to decorate your walls! Word art is really popular right now and rightfully so. Sometimes we just need little reminders sprinkled through out our day to help us remember these thoughts when they may seem pretty far out of mind. One of my favorites is the "Don't Be So Hard on Yourself" print. I find that it really speaks to me on so many levels. Whether it is with this shop,  cooking, relationships or just an everyday activity, I love having that reminder near by. It just helps me remember to not sweat the small stuff and everything has a way of working itself out in the end. And beating myself up for it? Well, that won't accomplish anything positive! These adorable prints are now stocked and ready to ship. Check them out here! Plus Sign You Look Lovely Art Print  | Triangle Don't Be So Hard on Yourself Art Print  | Tassel Treat Yourself Art Print  |

rock-n-roll illustrations

While organizing some files on my computer, I found these illustrations that I did a couple of years ago for my dad. That Christmas was the first year that I gave my paper doll calendars for gifts and even though I'm sure my dad would have hung that calendar proudly, I couldn't do that to him. So, I made a special calendar just for him (and also gave it to my super cool, rockin' aunt and uncle.) It's funny how I forgot about designing these and then ended up doing more illustrations of the same subject! I wonder what to do with them now? I hate for them to just sit on my computer, but I have no use to frame them or to try and sell them (they sure don't mesh with emilee rose!) For now, I'll just share them all with you! The Beatles:   Dylan and The Kinks:   The King:   Rod-the-bod Stewart:
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