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9 Days until WHAM!

It's my favorite time of year, for a number of reasons, but I've come to love a certain long weekend more than others. Why? Because it's WHAM! (That's the Winter Holiday Art Market, if you are not familiar with it.) WHAM is the most fun show that I show and every year it gets better and better. The artists and designers there are so talented and so much fun to hang out with for a weekend.

With 9 days left, I'm going a little nutzo, but it's not too terrible this year! Just some last minute printing and packaging. Oh and a weekend of DIY to decorate my booth. I have some fun ideas this year.

The emilee rose 2013 calendar will soon be here and I hope to have some preview pics on my instagram soon! In the mean time, I have a couple of new stationery designs to share. Just two new greeting cards and (FINALLY) a set of blank note cards!

If you are in Houston next weekend (November 16th through the 18th) please stop by!

Open Figure Drawing Sessions

(NOTE: This post contains a little nakedness.)

I started going to figure drawing sessions when I was a junior in high school. It's just what you did to build your portfolio to get into a good art school. I did it out of what I thought was necessity (and still agree with that thought) and I did it because I thought it was really fun.

Basically... I. Love. Drawing.

I no longer had to go to extra figure drawing sessions because it was included in my required classes once I went off to college. But after those first two semesters, I stopped. I also stopped drawing for a long time, but that's a whole other story.

Recently, I've realized how much I need to get back to basics. Meaning just drawing what I see. I believe that drawing is a basic fundamental in any art form, and like a muscle it should be exercised.

A friend from high school (and super amazing wedding photographer, Elissa) mentioned that there is an open figure drawing studio here in Austin that is SUPER affordable. ($5 for each class + a tip for the model.) I can totally swing that!

And so we started going.

It's been so much fun and I wanted to share a few of my favorites from the past two sessions.


If you already follow my on instagram, you probably know that I post quite frequently. But, I know that there are a few of y'all that don't and so I thought it might be fun to start sharing here, too.

This weekend was jam packed with errands and adventures and WORK.

Starting top left and going down the list... 1. I treated myself to a breakfast taco at Julios, an adorable little Mexican restaurant that is across the street from my apartment. It's too good and a little too convenient.

2. Renegade Austin was in town and so I did a little shopping! I was super bummed that I didn't get to participate this go-round, but I'm hoping to be back for the winter show. I picked up some goodies, including a new necklace from Coatt. I don't wear "real jewelry," (READ: I wear cheap, big earrings from Forever 21) but I am obsessed with Rebecca's work.

3. Drove out to Round Rock to pick up some frames and new tray for a new DIY project from IKEA—aka, Swedemart. (Thank you for that name, Rachel.)

4. Saturday night was a full on girly night with my bestie, Liz. We ordered pizza, picked up a mini cake and crashed on the couch to watch Dazed and Confused. I've always really liked this movie, but I like it even more after living in Austin. And Matthew McConaughey...what a babe.

5. I worked a little more on the children's book that I am illustrating.

6. My bathroom makeover is almost complete! Walls are painted, new shower curtain is hung and now my little vignette is complete. I hung some postcards from Quill and Fox that I got a while back and added a tiny little terrarium from Simply Planted that I bought at Renegade. I love that little guy, but he's probably going to have to leave that nook to find some sun. If I can figure out how to take photos that are not completely pink, I'll share more pictures later.

A million and ten other, not fun things happened, like cleaning and watching way too much Hulu, but I do realize that everything is not Instaworthy.

If you're not following me yet, feel free to find me @emileerosedesigns!

Adios 2011. Hay 2012.

2011 FLEW by. Far too many exciting things happened to mention, but I figured I could pick out a few.

First and foremost, I picked up my bags and moved to Austin. Lost any idea of holding onto a "career." (This is good things, in my opinion.) Gave myself the freedom to just be. To just have fun. To breath. To live. And have been having a blast doing so.

Emilee Rose, sadly, took a bit of a hit with the move and this new exciting, carefree lifestyle. Though, I believe that 2012 is going to be very exciting. Last year, I focused on redesigning my line of cards to a collection that fit my current aesthetic and interests. I am SUPER excited about these designs and love the direction that this has taken. I hope to start adding them to the shop soon for browsing and buying.

I participated in a few really fun shows. WHAM was a huge success this year! I am so grateful for Spacetaker and all that they do to support artists in Houston (and now in Austin!). The pop-up show at West Elm was really fun. I loved getting to use their products for props and displays. Might even consider picking up a few items for future shows...

As for 2012...I am going to be a busy bee! After posting new items to the shop and updating some item photos, I am going to be focusing on wholesale and getting Emilee Rose in shops and all over! Plans are already a-brewin'. I am also illustrating a children's book. Say what? It's true. I am still in the revision stages with the authors, but I seriously can't wait to share the illustrations and the story once it's published. Wedding season is just around the corner and I hope to work with a few brides this year with their wedding stationery. I also received a promotion at work last week. (Woo hoo!) Unfortunately, the promotion at Apple meant that I had to leave Paper Source, but it is going to be a great transition and it will be such a relief to my sanity to only have to work one job. With all of that said, I am incredibly excited and hopeful for all that this year has to bring to me.  

Checking In: And a few updates

I suppose that I could stop by and check in if I haven't posted in over a month. I'd like to say that I've just been so busy that I haven't had time to sit down to write a new post. And that is somewhat accurate. I'm still getting used to working two part time jobs, one of which I typically work in the evenings, and getting used to never having a real schedule. The fall is typically a super busy time for me. Last year I filled all of my weekends with shows and worked hard on getting ready for them. This year I am (sadly) only doing two shows. Because the fall is also the busiest time for retail, I just couldn't afford (or would probably be able to) take off every weekend until the middle of December. In the tiny bit of free time that I get, I'm prepping new product to launch at my first show in November. I mentioned a while ago that I was going to be working on new card designs. Those are in FULL force and should be completed within the next few days. Ideally, I'll be photographing them and posting them online, but please do not hold your breath. These are just a small selection of the new designs: I'm pretty excited about the new designs. I'm digging the direction that these are going. These are also now printed on 100% recycled paper! I might be most excited about that. The 2012 calendar is also coming along. I'll be doing a wall calendar and a mini desk calendar this year, but no paper doll calendar. Sorry, folks. This calendar is inspired by vintage objects and each month can be re-purposed into a postcard. In between working on new designs, I'm trying to work on decor for my booth. Tilly is quite excited about this project. That is all for now! I hope to be a little more active for the rest of the year. Stay tuned!

Upholstered Headboard DIY

Remember this post about how I wanted to make an upholstered headboard? Well, I finally did it and I took some pictures along the way to share with you how easy the whole process was. Just to give you an idea, I made the buttons in about 30 minutes one evening and the rest of the work was done in about 2 and a half hours (not including shopping time and choosing a fabric and headboard shape! That took much longer.) The images below can be used as a reference, but I would recommend checking out this tutorial by Centsational Girl. She does a fabulous job explaining and illustrating the whole process. I just wanted to share my story. First, I want to share the cost of the whole project. In the end I ended up spending a bit more than I wanted, but still MUCH less than if I had gone out and purchased a ready-made headboard. The prices below are not the actual costs, but pretty darn close from what I can remember. Button Kit: $12.00 Fabric: $16.00 (1 yard of upholstery fabric from Glick Discount Warehouse) Wood: FREE (I used my Home Depot gift card that I received when I cashed in my credit card reward points. BUT if you have to buy some, I used the 1/4" plywood so that it would be much lighter to hang. This is about $20.00) Foam: $16.00 (2.5 yards of 1" foam. Most tutorials will recommend 2" thick foam, but 1" was much cheaper. I also had a 50% off coupon, so the actual cost was $32.00) Batting: $8.00 (on sale for 40% off!) Hardware: FREE (Also was able to use my Home Depot gift card, but only a few bucks if you need to pick this up.) Other materials used that I had on hand: scissors, thread, saber saw, spray adhesive, staple gun and staples. Total: $52.00! I started by marking out my shape on the wood. And then I cut it using my dad's saber saw. (Thanks, Dad!) And then drilled the tiniest little holes in the wood for the buttons. The foam was attached with spray adhesive. I then layered the batting and fabric on the foam. I needed a clear, open surface to work and this meant the floor. Puppies LOVE helping with DIY projects. Figuring out how to string the buttons on was quite a challenge. I ended up threading the needle, putting it through the wood and foam backwards, putting on the button, re-threading the needle and pulling the needle back through. Keeping in mind that the needle NEVER fully came through the wood or foam. I tried threading it normally and couldn't get the needle back through the wood to save my life! Once the buttons were in place, I stapled the fabric by stretching it around the wood and screwed in the hardware. And this is the finished product! Stay tuned for more house pictures soon...

Austin Lovin’

Image of the Greenbelt on a warm summer night. It's almost been 3 weeks since I've moved here and the time is flying by. I am loving absolutely everything about being here, with the exception of the job hunt. I'm feeling super inspired and active and outgoing. 2 of those things are highly unlike as you can tell I've been trying to break out of my shell. Below are some photos that I've taken since I've been here. I thought I would share with you some of the reasons that I'm totally lovin' Austin! An image from Blues on the Green, a free concert series at Zilker Park. The people. Everyone here is so NICE. Whenever anyone finds out that I just moved here they all have the same response: "Welcome!" And it's a genuine welcome to the city. Lots of people smile and start up conversation with anyone who is near by. I was told that it would be easy to make friends here. I was skeptical since I tend to be on the shy side, but everyone was right. The fashion (or lack there of.) This is one of the most CASUAL cities that I've ever been to and I'm lovin' every minute of it! It's hot here. Mostly over 100 degrees everyday since I've been here. And unlike the people of Houston, people dress for the weather here. It's all about shorts and a t-shirt. Anything lightweight. Cool. And breezy. I'm pretty sure I even saw someone at a bar wearing a bathing suit top in lieu of a shirt. The food. Food trucks are big here and the food hidden inside of these trucks is phenomenal. Inside the one above we got some roasted beets, roasted sweet potatoes and a crazy delicious curried slaw. There are also tons of options for people with restricted diets. Vegetarian food is plentiful here and I've noticed that a lot of places will also specify if a food is also vegan or gluten free. The landscape. This city is GORGEOUS. I love being able to drive around and see glimpses of beautiful hills and tons of trees. The image above was taken at the Greenbelt. Apparently, this is the bottom of a river. Austin has been in a drought for months and this river is all dried up. I'm sure some day this river will flow again, but for now it's a big ol' hot mess (for real.) Even without the rain, the city is still pretty. Giant cactus remain and the trees seem to be holding up well. Already seen Wild Child a few times. LOVE them! The music. I've been able to go to a couple of shows here and have been thoroughly impressed with the quality of music. It seems as though everyone here is either into music or art or something creative. But in the mix are some pretty great things. Our apartment is pretty nice and we are nestled into a great little neighborhood. I'll try to post more interior images later. This is our little wall-of-art in the living room. And what would Austin be without this little one? Tilly is also having a great time here in Austin. She's been enjoying living with a new roommate (read: bothering a new person) and has adapted well to the slow pace of this city.
Everyone here is so NICE. Whenever anyone finds out that I just moved here they all have the same response: "Welcome!" And it's a genuine welcome to the city. Lots of people smile and start up conversation with anyone who is near by. I was told that it would be easy to make friends here. I was skeptical since I tend to be on the shy side, but everyone was right.

summer jamz

So, summer is technically not here yet, but here in Texas it definitely feels like summer. My big move to Austin is in exactly 2 weeks from today and I'm extremely nervous excited! So this weekend I'll be busy with some last minute projects and might be popping into work to help them move into a new location as well. Every summer I feel like I inadvertently make a summer jamz (yes, with a "z") playlist to get me through these scorching months. Just last week I scored the new Cults album and it is the perfect summer album. I will leave you with the best song (in my opinion) and say that I hope you have a great weekend!

headboard: a new DIY project

Remember this bed? Well, it's going into storage for a very long time and will not be coming with me to Austin. This is a very bittersweet goodbye as I adore this bed in its girlyness and its sentimental value. But the truth is, it's an OLD bed. The hinges are getting too loose to fix anymore and I don't want to completely break it. And so, on to a new chapter. I have a very basic platform bed that I will be using but need a great headboard. I found this image and tutorial on Design*Sponge a while back and thought it seemed like such a fun and easy idea. I have upholstered a headboard before and so this one shouldn't be any different. The question is, what shape to make! I have a nice soft blue fabric picked out. I thought a pattern would be really fun, but I might get tired of it or it might end up making my room look more juvenile (though, Grace's fabric is anything but juvenile...) Option one would be to do an elaborate shape like this one from West Elm. Its a very similar shape to Grace's, but a little more toned down with the solid color. So far, I think this headboard from Crate and Barrel is my favorite. It's simple and still slightly feminine. I am planning on making buttons and tufting the headboard so, I think this will look the best for the ambiance that I'm trying to achieve in my new room. Another, and simpler option would be to just make a rectangular headboard like this one. Could be an option if I get lazy... I am going to forgo the foam and just use batting to cut down the cost. Since I don't know what my job sitch with be yet, I'm trying to do everything on the cheap. I'll make sure to post a tutorial with cost breakdowns once the project is complete.

On the Move: Austin Bound!

Image via. That's right! I'm going to be moving to Austin in just about a month and couldn't be more excited! Early this year a friend of mine got into The University of Texas Landscape Architecture program (VERY competitive. We are all so proud!) and we casually joked about me moving with her. And I thought, why not?! I love being close to my family and do have a wonderful job and great friends, but Houston as a whole has very little to offer me, in my opinion. Though I do appreciate the efforts of Houston It's Worth It and the team behind this Tee, this city is just not for me. And so I'll be moving to "hippy-land" as my mother likes to call it. The land of food trucks and live music. A city full of bike lanes that are actually utilized. A city where parks and rivers and lakes flourish. A city with an slew of vegetarian friendly restaurants (this is sadly something I am super excited about. Vegan queso anyone?). And simply a beautiful city. I'm a little nervous about moving back to such a small city after living in Houston for almost 3 years, but I thrived in Milwaukee and it's really about the same size. As of right now, my job situation and place of residence is up in the air, but I am confident that I'll make it work. This is my own little adventure! And for those of you who know me well, I don't really do "adventure." I prefer to play it safe, but decided to try living a little. I still plan on continuing emilee rose and hope to work harder on marketing and wholesale. I might even try to do a little freelance, depending on the job I get. Mostly, I'm just really excited to be making the move and embarking on this new adventure!
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