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all about renegade craft: austin!

Well, it has been a week since Renegade Austin...and I needed that week to just RELAX. After prepping for Renegade, a weekend in New York and then a weekend in Austin, I was exhausted. I had a blast at Renegade and in Austin. (For those of you who may not know, I'm moving to Austin in about a month--more on that later!) For years, I have seen photos and have heard many artist and crafters stories of going to Renegade and it was really great to be a part of that. People started pouring in right as the doors opened on Saturday morning. Lora and I were in the back corner, which was not so great, but we still got some good foot traffic. Sales were low across the board and most vendors were extremely disappointed. Even though sales were not what I had imagined, I still had a blast. A corner booth was something new to conquer in booth layout design. We decided to position our tables so that there was no booth to enter and everyone walking by could see our stuff. I think it worked out really well, but I don't think I'll want a back corner booth again! I am getting more and more organized and efficient with each show I do. I learn something new every time. For example, I packed my stuff in a rolling suitcase this time so that I didn't have to haul around big totes. Next time, I might invest in a dolly to lug my merch around. I also made new price cards. They are all handwritten and printed in different colors. I love the new, more crafty look that they bring! My mini paintings were such a hit! I was so grateful to hear so many wonderful things about them. The mini Texas ones were the most popular (Texans LOVE Texas.) Lauren of Blue Eye Brown Eye was in the booth next to us. She also makes adorable letter pressed stationery (odd placing to stationers together). Her booth was ADORABLE! It was very simple and clean, but looked like her own little shop. I'm definitely keeping this in mind for future shows... Lora and I stayed at Habitat Suites, what was said to be a "green" hotel. We each bought a Groupon on decided to give it a shot since it was eco-friendly and a great deal. It was...not all it was cracked up to be. The faucet in the bathroom ran and I immediately thought of all of the wasted water! The rooms looked like they have not been updated since, probably 1986. For the price, I thought it was fine and don't really care too much about where I stay. BUT, if you are advertising being an award winning green hotel, I expect a lot more. A few things that were cool about the place: a mini vegetable garden outside our room and a super vegetarian friendly breakfast! No meat was served and I loved that I got to eat veggie sausage and have soy milk at a hotel! That has never happened. There is going to be a Renegade Holiday show this year that I might consider, and since I'll live there I wont have to travel far. It was an interesting trip, for sure, but I still had so much fun!

new york: the food.

All of the food that I ate in New York was amazing! So much so that I had to document all of it. It was sort of surprising to me that the places that I went to eat were not just OK, but all shockingly good. Thank goodness for all of the walking, because I think I could get in trouble with eating too much delicious food! The first place we went was Whole Foods, which I thought was the funniest place that I could be taken to grab a bite to eat. I mean, there are really Whole Foods everywhere, so I didn't really see why this was so special. Honestly, I still don't, but I am still laughing that this was the first place I was taken in New York! We met up with my boss and her husband for cocktails at Gramercy Hotel. The hotel was gorgeous and the drinks were super yummy! I had a cocktail that consisted of vodka, pineapple juice, papaya juice and basil. Delish! I was super excited to eat at Angelica's Kitchen, an organic and vegan restaurant. It had been recommended to me by a couple of people and definitely lived up to it's hype. The wait was almost an hour, but so worth it. We started with a curry cashew spread as an appetizer and then I had the "Ole Man Seitan." It was essentially a burrito filled with homemade seitan and veggies, covered with a spicy mole sauce and tofu sour cream. It was quite the treat for me. The name of this place is escaping me and I really wish I could remember it! We went out for vegetarian Indian food on Saturday night. There was a prix fixe meal, which means that we got to try about 6 different appetizers, 6 different entrees and a dessert. We were all far too stuffed to eat all of the food, but we managed to suffer through it and try it all. If I can figure out the name of this place, I'll make sure to update this! My friend and I picked up pastries from Balthazar. My oatmeal raisin scone was very tasty! What is a trip to New York without takeout? By the end of my trip I really didn't want to walk anywhere else, and I was so grateful when my friend and her roomate suggested takeout. Yes, please! We ordered food from Calexico, a sort of Cali-style Mexican restaurant. I ordered a black bean quesadilla that came with a side of Crack Sauce. I still have no idea what was in this sauce, but I'm still craving it four days later.

new york: national stationery show.

Ok. So the Stationery Show was amazing. And overwhelming. And huge. And so much fun. And did I mention that it was HUGE? I don't think that anyone could ever prepare you for how large the show actually is. I imagined it to be about half of the size that it actually was. I only went for 2 days and I was exhausted after every day. I went as a buyer for PH Design Shop and walked around with my friend, and former coworker, and boss. It was so tempting to buy something from every booth! But we managed to just walk the show and collect cards, catalogs and other little mementos to go back and do the buying later. I left before my boss did all of the actual purchasing, so I'm excited to see what she picked out! I really wish that I could have taken photographs during the show. And most vendors seemed more than happy to let you take a photo, but I thought I would leave the photography up to the pros. If you want to see more photos of the show and the booths, Oh So Beautiful Paper and Paper Crave already have some up! Since I couldn't take photos, these were a few of my favorite designers that I got to see. One Canoe Two I have seen One Canoe Two on a slew of design blogs and on Etsy and was ecstatic to see their work in person! Beth and Carrie were absolutely delightful and were more than happy to discuss their work. You can visit their etsy shop here! Greenwich Letterpress How adorable are these pencils? All of the products from Greenwich Letterpress were pretty great, but I about fell over when I read these. I'm pretty sure that we'll be getting some for the shop! The Great Lakes I have been familiar with The Great Lakes for quite some time, but seeing all of her product in person was great. The cards were all very clever and well illustrated and she had lots of objects for sale as well. A couple of them are available on line. And then there was a recipe card scavenger hunt! 15 different letter press booths all designed and printed their own recipe cards. Attendees of the show could go around from booth to booth and pick up a card. Every card was unique and very well designed. I'm still trying to pick out my favorite! Once you picked up every design (or whenever you got to that particular booth) you could pick up a nifty little box to house all of your cards. It was such a great idea! A list of participating booths can be found over on Oh So Beautiful Paper.

new york: recap.

Hoo wee! What a trip! I was only there for 3 days, but I managed to fill up those days with fun excursions from morning to night. I slept fine, but I usually woke up with the sun. Which later I realized that I had less than 20 hours of sleep my whole trip. Needless to say, I'm still recovering. I stayed with a friend who lives in Brooklyn. This is a view from her street. Isn't it adorable? Her neighborhood was so picturesque. This is the view from her balcony. Most of the Brownstones in that neighborhood have the cutest little patios and gardens. We, I mean I, might have taken too many photos at FAO Schwarz, but what can I say, I was a little trigger happy. I wanted to do something fun and somewhat touristy when I arrived, and FAO seemed to be the perfect idea. My friend and I made a beeline for the candy in the back, loaded up on sugar and acted like little kids on a mission to have fun! Who doesn't love full sized lego dudes and giant stuffed puppies! I thought this was quite a strange place for this, but right outside of the store were about 25 plus people holding these signs. I thought it couldn't have been a good trip to New York without a little crazy coming out of people. Since there was time and I was in New York, we made an appointment to go try on glasses at Warby Parker. I've been eying them for months and months and keep meaning to do the at home try ons, but never remember to actually place the order. So, it was nice to go in and just try on all them them. I literally tried on every style. Unfortunately I wasn't thrilled with any of them once they were on. So disappointing. I'm really not that into J. Crew, although I do like some of their clothes. We went in and I fell in love with this display of gloves covering the wall. New York birds are CRAZY. They do not move to get out of your way. And then it was time for the Stationery Show! I couldn't really take photos, and have way to much to say about it, so that post will be coming at a later date! I did ask to take a photograph at Wiley Valentine's booth. Most booths had candy, but who couldn't resist a candy BAR? Stay tuned for more about my trip!

New York City Bound!

Image found via NYC Wed Planner. This Saturday, I'll be waking up in the middle of the night (literally) to get ready to hop on a plane to New York for the National Stationery Show. I. Am. So. Excited. Ever since my Broadway Paper days, I have dreamed of attending the Stationery Show. Partially just as a viewer to see all of the wonderful design and partially as an attendee. The dream to exhibit there is still just a dream, but attending the show will give me a great idea of what it could be like to show off emilee rose in New York. This year I am going as a buyer for PH Design Shop. It will be exciting to help with lots of shopping for the store and to drool over all the great stationery with the boss lady. She keeps reminding me that this is WORK, but I can't help but geek out over the chance to see so much GREAT design in one (very large) place. Oh- and I'm staying with a good friend, which always makes "business trips" a little more exciting. Don't worry...I'll try to take lots of pictures! Make sure you follow me on Twitter to see random Instagram pics. Then right after that trip, I'm turning right around for Renegade Austin! And then I think I can breathe for a second.

pintrest lovin’

Have you been pinning lately? I've recently joined the pinning movement and LOVE it! I stumble upon so many great ideas, images, recipes and inspiration that I hate the fact that I can't remember it once the window is closed. Thank goodness for Pintrest. My favorite things to pin: design, typography, illustration and recipes! Here are some of my favorite things: Love this illustration by Laura Amiss. The houses are adorable and the colors make it so happy and cheerful. (Found via Hooray) I'm always searching for a fabulous ampersand in my designs. This style is not particularly my absolute fave, but I do love any ol' ampersand and I love the blind deboss even more! This perfect little print is by Bespoke Press. Follow all of my pins here!

for japan, with love

The devastation of the earthquake is Japan is heartbreaking and unfathomable. And as many other bloggers, I want to do something to help and have decided to participate in Bloggers Day of Silence tomorrow. The ladies of Ever Ours and Utterly Engaged have started For Japan with Love, a disaster relief to provide shelter and lifesaving supplies via Shelterbox. I urge everyone to visit the site and make a small donation if you are able. Besides participating in the bloggers day of silence, I will donate 50% of all etsy sales made between now and the end of the month to Japan with Love. All items now have free shipping as well. Please spread the word about this wonderful cause.

a weekend in wisconsin

Last weekend I was lucky enough to take a little vacay in the beautiful Milwaukee! Perhaps the middle of February was not the best time to go visit, but I was getting to the point that I really NEEDED to see my friends and really needed to get away. I am so glad that I did, even if it made me even more homesick for my Milwaukee life style. These two ladies are my besties. I seriously love them so much and wish that I could see them more often. They were my favorite part of my trip. I do love the city and all of the great things it has to offer, but if I didn't get to do it with one of these gals, it just wouldn't be the same. After putting on about a million layers and yelling "I can't put my arms down!", we trekked to the park for some exercise for this pup. Running and jumping through untouched snow is pretty darn fun. The last day that I was there was GORGEOUS! It warmed up quite a bit, but the city was still pretty and white. I thought I was ready to go home by the last day. I missed my house and my bed and my kitty, of course. But after I got to go home and hug the little one, I was ready to go back. It's a strange thing to have two places that now feel like "home." At least I get to go visit every once and a while and catch up with friends and see my favorite city.
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