I'm still wondering I will feel like I actually live here in Austin! It could be the lack of routine or lack of feeling of home, but I still feel like I'm on an extended vacation. With that said, staying focused has been very difficult. I have managed to finish up a little personal project. I wanted to start a design portfolio of pieces that I feel represent my aesthetic and represent the type of work that I would like to do. And these wedding pieces are what I have come up with. I'm thinking of adding that save the date to my custom shop. I think it could be super cute for any place in the U.S.! And all of this amazing photography? All by the oh-so-talented, Paige Newton. More information about the wedding designs can be found in the new wedding page.

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  1. Love these Emily! Wish I was getting married again just to use them, but…I’m sure you’ll be busy with lots of brides to be! 🙂


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