Have you been watching Portlandia? Well, you should because it is the funniest show at the current moment. Well, perhaps it's only funny for people that understand the hipster culture or went to art school or actually live in Portland, but I think it's pretty dang hillarious. After their sketch "Put a Bird on it" aired, I was sent a link to watch it by a couple of people. Were they trying to tell me something? Do I put birds all over things or would I just appreciate the humor? Either way, my bathroom is full of birds, so I suppose that is it. In case you are unfamiliar with this growing phenomenon: My bathroom is the one neglected place of decor. I've thrown up a birdy shower curtain and have matching towels...but the walls are so BORING. So, this week's etsy finds is inspired by Portlandia and by the need to put something on my walls! 1. Blue Jays from Bee Things (I actually already own this print and LOVE it...I suppose I should move it to its appropriate room!) 2. Icy Bird Pin from Moloco (I'd put this on a shelf so that every time I saw it, I would say "Aww! So cute!") 3. Love Bird Necklace from Spunk and Sass (Ok, so I don't need this for my bathroom, but it's cute and they are local!) 4. Love Birds Ring Holder from Darrielle's Clay Art (I would actually use this as an earing catchall.) 5. Little Bird Print from One Sweet Orange. (Love the colors in this!) All images courtesy of the artist's etsy shops.

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