new baby announcements designs

It's official, the shops are back open!

I'm really excited about this and to be able to get back into everything. I was feeling a little overwhelmed with, well, life to be completely honest, and just needed a little break. I've also been working on illustration a children's book, which has used up quite a bit more time than I had anticipated. That project is almost complete and I'll definitely be sharing it as soon as I can.

In the mean time, I'll be adding product to the emilee rose shop slowly but surely.

And I'm working on filling up my custom shop with lots of new items. Eventually, the custom shop will be full of baby announcements, calling cards, party invitations, save the dates and eventually a wedding line. What I am most excited about is coming up with a full line of stationery that is very clean, simple, modern and totally awesome, of course!

I will keep posting designs as they come, but wanted to share a couple of new ones. Enjoy!

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