Image via. That's right! I'm going to be moving to Austin in just about a month and couldn't be more excited! Early this year a friend of mine got into The University of Texas Landscape Architecture program (VERY competitive. We are all so proud!) and we casually joked about me moving with her. And I thought, why not?! I love being close to my family and do have a wonderful job and great friends, but Houston as a whole has very little to offer me, in my opinion. Though I do appreciate the efforts of Houston It's Worth It and the team behind this Tee, this city is just not for me. And so I'll be moving to "hippy-land" as my mother likes to call it. The land of food trucks and live music. A city full of bike lanes that are actually utilized. A city where parks and rivers and lakes flourish. A city with an slew of vegetarian friendly restaurants (this is sadly something I am super excited about. Vegan queso anyone?). And simply a beautiful city. I'm a little nervous about moving back to such a small city after living in Houston for almost 3 years, but I thrived in Milwaukee and it's really about the same size. As of right now, my job situation and place of residence is up in the air, but I am confident that I'll make it work. This is my own little adventure! And for those of you who know me well, I don't really do "adventure." I prefer to play it safe, but decided to try living a little. I still plan on continuing emilee rose and hope to work harder on marketing and wholesale. I might even try to do a little freelance, depending on the job I get. Mostly, I'm just really excited to be making the move and embarking on this new adventure!

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