Weekend Vacation In Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Anyone that knows me, whether superficially or not, knows that I love Milwaukee. And if you don't know this about me, I will tell you know. I love that city. I love the people. The architecture. The weather (don't judge.) Anyways, it's a good place.

Things have been a bit rough as of late and every bone in my body was telling me, "Emily. You NEED a vacation." And I did. My parents also realized this and gave me tickets to Wisconsin for my birthday. Hallelujah! I was ecstatic. It had been almost a year and a half since I had been "home."

And so here is just a tiny snippet of my vacation.

Starting top left and going down the list... 1. Within an hour of landing in Wisconsin, I drank a Spotted Cow. Still my favorite beer. (And I'm still cursing the whole no-liquids-on-plane's bit, because I always want to bring cases of this beer home with me.)

2. Conojitos is not a fancy, pretty, nice restaurant by any means. But I love it there. It's super casual (think paper plates) and super cheap ($3 margaritas, anyone?)

3. & 4. Saturday morning brunch at Beans and Barley with Rachel and Heather. These ladies are seriously the coolest, most supportive gals anyone could ask for.

5. Made a quick stop by Altera for some coffee and Pastries.

6. I worked at Broadways Paper for years while I lived in Milwaukee. I still think that it was the best stationery store and the best place that I have ever worked. It's not a full trip to MKE without at least stopping by.

7. & 8. Locust Street Days was happening just down the block. And in true Wisconsin spirit, I made sure to get a corn on the cob. Sadly, I missed out on the cheese curds (why did I eat before the festival?!), but I love the sign anyways.

9. & 10. My last night was spent with another great lady, Erika. Her beau grilled up some kabobs and we sat outside, chatting and enjoying the weather for hours.

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