As usual, I had an absolute BLAST at the Winter Holiday Art Market this year. I look forward to this show every year. The people are so insanely talented. The customers that shop are the best I've ever met. And sales are great. It's the perfect recipe for a great show.

I wanted to showcase my stationery this year as if it was a tiny little shop. Every year I get new ideas for how to dress up the table and the best way to show my product. I made a little stand that was originally designed to just be another level to showcase more stationery. What I didn't realize, is that I made a table that was easy for me to use to write up receipts.

I love seeing natural beauty (flowers, plants, etc.) at shows and was really excited to add fresh flowers all over the table. Another unplanned perk? My table smelled divine!

Remember that talent I was talking about? Here's just a few snapshots I took over the weekend!

This is Tracy. We were table neighbors last year and we were both bummed to not be close to each other this year. She has the most amazing photography of Texas and fun things all around this great state. She goes to the coolest, most interesting places and photographs beautiful and expected things.

I always love meeting the people in my hallway (it's like my neighborhood.) Kristi Rae created the most intricate and delicate pieces of jewelry from metals and fabrics (shown on top.) I loved eaves dropping to how she got into that medium. Leslie Shershow (shown on the bottom) also created beautiful jewelry. I was particularly fond of her casted plastic rings. So fun!

I wish that I was able to go around and take some more photographs to share. Feel free to bookmark the Fresh Arts' Blog to see more photos!

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